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Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Vox Footwear, Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Protest Skateboards, 3 Shibuya Clothing, Jetty Clothing, and Vulcan Bolts. 

We are located in Vancouver, BC and ship across Canada. 





Platform Distribution presents news about Proper Footwear, Bacon Skateboards, Dieta Skateboards, Vagrant Skateboards, Send Help Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts, Skate Balm Skate Wax, Jetty Clothing, Jivaro Wheels, Teenage Runaway Urethane, The Portland Wheel Company, and Speedlab Wheels. Platform Distribution is the Wholesale Canadian distributor of these brands.


The Blood Wizard Has Arrived

Dennis Regan

After extensive ritual and use of magic barely in our control, we have conjured The Wizard.

Blood Wizard Skateboards are now available to order on our B2B site.

They are great boards with an amazing team backing them up.

With a full selection from the Future Wasteland series and some top choices from the Blood Wizard spell book. Our warehouse is stacked with the best magic you can get.

Casting spells or crushing coping, Blood Wizard has what you need.

Platform Distribution is the Canadian skateboard distribution for Blood Wizard Skateboards.

The Mystical Is Coming!

Dennis Regan

They magical and mystical Blood Wizard Skateboards are coming to Canada. Available soon through Platform Distribution.

Blood Wizard skateboards have been bringing the mystical to skateboarding for years. The Wizard was born out of a need for magic in the skateboard world. They bring that magic through skateboarders; Kevin Kowalski, Chris Gregson, Anakin Senn, Jack Given, Shea Cooper, Ben Krahn, Tristan Rennie, and Nolan Miskell and more. Watch for them in their upcoming video release, The Occult.

The Wizard is busy brewing up the first shipment of decks for 2019.

Deliver will be in April. Check the B2B site for more info.

Park Rips with Chris Gregson, Tristan Rennie, Riley Wiley, Conner Norris and Nolan Miskell. At Carmel Valley Park. Film/Edit: Nathan Correia Music: The Wizard by Blown Free

Brain Drain Skate Video Up On Thrasher

Dennis Regan

Thrasher Magazine has featured Send Help Skateboards’ team rider Preston Harper’s video Brain Drain.

Right on the front page, Brain Drain is a medium length vid featuring rides like Randy Ploesser, Justin Modica, Preston Harper, Ryan Sublette, Devin Porter, and many more.

Shot in the mean streets of the east coast and middle America. Crusty and creative mixed with dedication and determintation make for some good skateboarding.

Watch the video.

Send Help Skateboards are distributed across Canada by Platform Distribution.

Preston Harper Pro Model with DVD available on the B2B.

Preston Harper Pro Model with DVD available on the B2B.

Vagrant Skateboard's Diego Alvarado Forus Video

Dennis Regan

Forus Skateshop has release a video of Diego Alvarodo ripping through the Southwest.

This Vagrant Skateboards’ team rider hits the streets, ditches and DIY spots. Sometimes wearing a Leeside skatepark tee. This guy knows DIY.

Diego starts of with a double set kickflip attempt that leaves you wanting a second try. Then we go on a tour of various street spots and ditches. Where he launches, grinds, and flows through spots under the desert sun. Diego skateboards with a distinct style. Point it, and flow through.

Near the end he hits some fantastic Do It Yourself Skateparks. Finding a way to get rad in spots that weren’t meant to be.

Finally he comes back for that double set kick flip, riding away with a smile and a wave.

Watch and see.

Song by Steel Mill- Get on the line

Vagrant Skateboards are distributed in Canada through Platform Distribution.

Vagrant Skateboard’ Hand Of Fate deck and tee.

Vagrant Skateboard’ Hand Of Fate deck and tee.

Moonshine Skateboards Have Arrived!

Dennis Regan

The latest addition to the Platform Distribution warehouse is Moonshine Skateboards.

Bo and Luke successfully skirted the authorities and brought us the latest juice from the still. Pressed in the USA and handscreenprinted graphics that really pop.

They focus on supporting the hottest areas of skateboarding. Vert and Freestyle! Supporting a Pro team for both disciplines complete with signature wood.

Moonshine has also reached back in to the past to release some solid vert influenced shapes.

Moonshine Skateboards Vert and Freestyle shapes

Moonshine Skateboards Vert and Freestyle shapes

Moonshine has focused on creating some great graphics. Pushing their decks to be vehicles of art and destruction.

Hand Screened Graphics from Moonshine Skateboards.

Hand Screened Graphics from Moonshine Skateboards.

Platform Distribution is the Canadian distributor for Moonshine Skateboards. Ask for them at your local shop today.