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Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Vox Footwear, Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Protest Skateboards, 3 Shibuya Clothing, Jetty Clothing, and Vulcan Bolts. 

We are located in Vancouver, BC and ship across Canada. 



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Platform Distribution presents news about Vox Footwear, Lifeblood Skateboards, Bacon Skateboards, Dieta Skateboards,Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts, Jetty Clothing, Jivaro Wheels, The Portland Wheel Company, and Speedlab Wheels. Platform Distribution is the Wholesale Canadian distributor of these brands.


Andy Anderson x Brett Novak Make A Skate Film

Dennis Regan

This summer film maker Brett Novak came to Vancouver to film with Vulcan Bolts’ team rider Andy Anderson.

Brett has an amazing eye for skateboarding. He captures the style and power of Andy Anderson. With a smooth pace, the video captures both skateboarding and Vancouver’s beauty.

“Balance - the flow of water, and the consistency of concrete. The ground, and the spaces in between. The simplicity of instability, and the complexities of flat ground. Riding the board, face down, face up, and face out. The purposeful objects of the city, plus the joy of play. The corners, sharp and round. Forwards, backwards, and spinning, all coming together.” - Andy Anderson

Watch the video, you will understand.

Filmed and Edited: Instagram: @BrettNovak

Skater: Instagram: @AuthenticAndyAnderson

Platform Distribution is the Canadian Distributor for Vulcan Bolts.

The Marty by Jivaro Wheels

Dennis Regan

We recently received The Marty Wheel from Jivaro wheels.

It was designed to commemorate Mark ‘ Monk’ Hubbard. Jivaro used artwork and the ethos of Monk on the outside of the wheel.

Everyone in skateboarding knows the incredible contribution that he made to the world of skateboarding.

Dedicated to Mark "Monk" Hubbard, PNW chieftain and skateboard maverick.  A true artist,  Mark's vision and dedication to terrain construction is beyond legendary as he inspired a legion of DIYers to create their own destiny all over the world. Hubbard's Grindline continues to redefine the word "skatepark" in the 21st century. His legacy lives on in the spots he built and destroyed.  Rest in Power Monk.

Proceeds from the sale of the wheel go to Mark’s family and go fund me campaign.


Jivaro Wheels are distributed in Canada through Platform Skateboard Distribution.

Bacon x Brin Levinson In Stock

Dennis Regan

Bacon Skateboards has collaborated with artist Brin Levinson to create some amazing deck graphics.

Brin has been creating ‘cityscapes that are being recaptured by nature’ for years now. The amazing detail and impact of the imagery can be seen. Just look on the bottom of the latest batch of Bacon Skateboards.

We received a shipment of the series into the warehouse and everything stopped.

The detail is something to behold.

Find out more about Brin Levinson on his website. He has prints available for purchase. In case you don’t want to put a board up on your wall.


Make sure to go to Brin Levinson’s website. Of follow him on Instagram @brinlevinson

Bacon Skateboards are distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution.

Bacon Skateboards Adds Chuck Pontone

Dennis Regan

Chuck Pontone is the latest to be inducted into the Bacon squad.

To celebrate adding Chuck to the Bacon Skateboards team, they hit the road and got some clips on sweet Oregon Concrete.

Watch as Chuck tours backyards and skateparks in search of the perfect transition.

Chuck get on! Bacon For Everyone. Everyone Loves Bacon….Even Vegans

Platform Distribution Is The Canadian Skateboard Distributor for Bacon Skateboards.


Jetty FAHD 18 In Stores Now!

Dennis Regan

We recently shipped our latest season of Jetty Clothing. The Fall/Holiday 2018 line up is the best yet. 

Quality tees, tops and bottoms for Men, Women, and children are in our dealers' hands. 

This season' highlights include the very Canadian Marshender hood. For the Ladies the Brielle Dress. 

 Marshender Lined Flannel with hood

Marshender Lined Flannel with hood

 Brielle Dress from Jetty Clothing

Brielle Dress from Jetty Clothing

Catalogs: Mens FAHD catalog   Womens and Juniors FAHD catalog

For more information about getting Jetty clothing in your store contact We are working with Canadian retailers across the country to bring this amazing line to Canada.

The Jetty Story

This all started as five friends on a snowboard mission. Inspiration, enthusiasm, and $200 a piece equalled the birth of Jetty. Our brand was created on a shared love of surf, art, travel, skate, and music. Everyone involved strives to draw thier own line - and its a good thing too, because coming from New Jersey, there certainly is no line to follow.