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Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Vox Footwear, Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Protest Skateboards, 3 Shibuya Clothing, Jetty Clothing, and Vulcan Bolts. 

We are located in Vancouver, BC and ship across Canada. 





Platform Distribution presents news about Proper Footwear, Bacon Skateboards, Dieta Skateboards, Vagrant Skateboards, Send Help Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts, Skate Balm Skate Wax, Jetty Clothing, Jivaro Wheels, Teenage Runaway Urethane, The Portland Wheel Company, and Speedlab Wheels. Platform Distribution is the Wholesale Canadian distributor of these brands.


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New Ads, Old Ads

Dennis Regan

We are starting the 2019 skateboard season here in Canada. It also marks the start of our ad campaigns in Canadian skateboard magazines.

To get some inspiration, we looked through our past advertisements.

From ads in the defunct Concrete Skateboarding mag, to the long running King Skateboard mag, through the newly reborn SBC Skateboard mag, even the newest Medium Magazine. There was a lot to go through.

We support print media. There is something about paging through a paper magazine that scrolling through an app will never replace.

We even put an ad in The Tubuloids comic book / flexizine release this spring.

Someone had to take the picture, someone had to create a caption, another had to write a story. Then the whole thing is put together to make a cohesive article. The editor comes through and makes sure everything speaks with the voice of the magazine. These voices change over time. Editors come and go. Move to new magazines etc..

Then the whole thing goes to a print shop, where blank paper is transformed into a skateboard mag.

It exists to capture time. Feeling. Acccomplishment. Art.

From print shop to skate shop, then on to homes, bags, bathrooms, and coffee tables. From person to person it is passed and paged through. Always inspiring.

Inspiring the next trick, next trip, or magazine.

We support print media. A bridge to the past, and inspiration for the future.

Our first Vulcan Bolts ad in Concrete Magazine

Vagrant Skateboards ad in Concrete Magazine

Solitaire Skateboards ad in Concrete Magazine

Vagrant Skateboards ad in Concrete Magazine

Andy Anderson ad for Vulcan Bolts in Concrete Magazine

Jivaro Wheels, Speedlab Wheels and Vulcan Bearings ad from Concrete Magazine

King Skate ad for Vagrant Skateboards

King Skate ad for Vagrant Skateboards

Vulcan Bolts ad in King Skate Mag

Vulcan Bolts ad in King Skate Mag

Our First ad in Medium Mag

Speedlab Wheels ad in King Skate mag

Lifeblood Skateboards ad from King Skate mag

2 page ad for Proper Footwear in Medium Mag

Proper Footwear ad feat Will Gabourel in SBC Skateboard

Proper footwear ad in SBC Skateboard

Preston Harper taking the curve in King Skate magazine

Bacon Skateboards ad in The Tubuloids Flexizine

Brain Drain Skate Video Up On Thrasher

Dennis Regan

Thrasher Magazine has featured Send Help Skateboards’ team rider Preston Harper’s video Brain Drain.

Right on the front page, Brain Drain is a medium length vid featuring rides like Randy Ploesser, Justin Modica, Preston Harper, Ryan Sublette, Devin Porter, and many more.

Shot in the mean streets of the east coast and middle America. Crusty and creative mixed with dedication and determintation make for some good skateboarding.

Watch the video.

Send Help Skateboards are distributed across Canada by Platform Distribution.

Preston Harper Pro Model with DVD available on the B2B.

Preston Harper Pro Model with DVD available on the B2B.

SENDxHELP Skateboards Releases The White Widow!

Dennis Regan

Artist Todd Bratrud has created an amazing drop of skate product. The white widow is excellent.

After working with NIKE SB to create a one of a kind sneaker and calling it the white widow, he was inspired to create more under that name. 

Behold the latest release from SENDxHELP Skateboards, White Widow.

SEND x HELP Skateboards are distributed in Canada through Platform Distribution.

The Worst Skatepark?

Dennis Regan

Sidewalk Mag took it upon themselves to find the Worst Skatepark in the world. 

We think they found it. 

Head over to the and see the entire article. Great photos of this horrible park. 

It is indescribable. Watch and see. 

Oh yeah, Scott 'Horsey' Walker, SendxHelp Skateboards pro manages to get somethings done.

Yep, this might be the strangest one we've ever seen, which is really saying something. When you don't even have the vocabulary to describe the obstacles then you're in trouble. See more at: Music by Will Sheerin - more at Instagram @padsofhue Sidewalk magazine's skateboarding channel: featuring skateboarding video parts, skateboarding tours, archive skateboarding clips, trick tips, event coverage, interviews and much more from across the world!

Send Help Skateboards are distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution.

Evan Okeson New AM For SENDXHELP Skateboards

Dennis Regan

We all dream of skateboarding all day. Evan Okeson gets to build skateboarding all day. 

He works for Grindline Skateparks and travels the USA making dreams come true. Skatepark ideas come to reality through his and all he other Grindline employees hard work.

Justin Modica noticed that he can build skateparks, and rip in them. 

Newest Am skateboarder added to the SENDXHELP Skateboards team is Evan Okeson. 

Watch the video as Evan takes a break from building and skates the parts that are done with Justin Modica.

Team ride Justin Modica flies to Texas to see his best bud Evan Okeson at his job site (Grindline Skateparks) and introduces him to the team! Give him a a warm welcome, its the fabulous EVAN OKESON!! Riding for SEND HELP SKATEBOARDS!!!! Yeeehawwww!!

Send Help Skateboards are distributed in Canada through Platform Distribution. 


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Sidewalk Mag Reviews Scott 'Horsey' Walker Deck

Dennis Regan

Sidewalk Mag did a year end round up of the 100 best products from 2017/18. 

SendXHelp Skateboards' Scott 'Horsey' Walker deck hit the top and got a full review. 

They do a full background on Todd Bratrud and his history in skateboarding. Todd is the man behind the SENDxHELP graphics and art direction. 

Click the photo above and read the full article about it.

Platform Distribution is the wholesale distributor for SENDxHELP Skateboards in Canada.