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Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Vox Footwear, Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Protest Skateboards, 3 Shibuya Clothing, Jetty Clothing, and Vulcan Bolts. 

We are located in Vancouver, BC and ship across Canada. 




Platform Distribution presents news about Proper Footwear, Bacon Skateboards, Dieta Skateboards, Vagrant Skateboards, Send Help Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts, Skate Balm Skate Wax, Jetty Clothing, Jivaro Wheels, Teenage Runaway Urethane, The Portland Wheel Company, and Speedlab Wheels. Platform Distribution is the Wholesale Canadian distributor of these brands.


In Transition With Kevin Kowalski

Dennis Regan

The Berrics have a video contest called In Transition. 10 skaters film their best parts and the parts are voted on by by 2 judges.

Pro Skateboarders, Daewon Song and Pedro Barras are this years judges. They have both won this contest in the past, with incredible submissions. 

The job of judging 10 parts from some incredible skateboarders, is not an enviable task. But these two have the experience and knowledge to make this call. There can be only one winner. 

Lifeblood Skateboards and Plague Hardware team rider, Kevin Kowalski's submission was filmed on Orcas Island in Wester Washington state. The Scott Stamnes Memorial skatepark has seen some heavy tricks go down over the years. Kevin adds another batch! 

Subscribe to The Berrics 👉 Kevin Kowalski's tranny prowess is largely a product of his park-heavy Pacific Northwest environment. The pinnacle of local parks in the area may be Scott Stamnes Memorial on Orcas Island.

Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale Distributor for Lifeblood Skateboards and Plague Hardware.