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Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Vox Footwear, Vagrant Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Protest Skateboards, 3 Shibuya Clothing, Jetty Clothing, and Vulcan Bolts. 

We are located in Vancouver, BC and ship across Canada. 





Platform Distribution presents news about Proper Footwear, Bacon Skateboards, Dieta Skateboards, Vagrant Skateboards, Send Help Skateboards, Solitaire Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts, Skate Balm Skate Wax, Jetty Clothing, Jivaro Wheels, Teenage Runaway Urethane, The Portland Wheel Company, and Speedlab Wheels. Platform Distribution is the Wholesale Canadian distributor of these brands.


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Lifeblood Skateboards at Windells Skateboard Camp

Dennis Regan

All the Lifeblood Skateboards team riders went down to Windells' Skateboard Camp last summer. Bryce Kanights put together this edit to document the incredible skateboarding that happened. 

Wacht as Oregon's Mt. Hood plays host to this team of concrete destoyers. Cody Lockwood, Kevin Kowalski, John Worthington, Dalton Dern, Sean Blueitt, Jake Selover, Casey Tratz and Canada's own Adam Hopkins spent a week on the concrete.

We are the Canadian Wholesale Skateboard Distributor for Lifeblood Skateboards. Ask for it at your Canadian skate shop. They know what to do! Call Platform Distribution and get stocked with the latest from Lifeblood Skateboards.

Dalton Dern Gets The CURE

Dennis Regan

The Skateboard Mag has been releasing the CURE videos over the last few months. The latest episode features Lifeblood Skateboard's team rider Dalton Dern. 

Dalton takes this pool to task. Killing it with lip tricks in the hardest spots. Taking to the air for huge kick flips to fakie and switch airs. 

Watch as Dalton Dern teaches this pool, The Skateboard Mag, and YOU, the viewer, what is possible.

Josh Peacock's Top 10 Pool Skating

Dennis Regan

The Skateboard Mag's Josh Peacock has been filming skateboarding for a long time. 

He sits down in front of the camera and lists off his top 10 moments of skating backyard pools. 

Learn from the man who has seen more than most!

◌ Subscribe to The Skateboard Mag 👉 Josh Peacock's Top Ten Pooling Around moments is the very best of the backyard from a man who definitely knows how to pick 'em. Featuring Dalton Dern, David Gravette, Omar Hassan, Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Italo Penarrubia, Ben Raybourn, Shaun Ross, Chris Russell, and Josh "Skreech" Sandoval.

Lifeblood Skateboard's team riders Dalton Dern, Kevin Kowalski and new PRO Cody Lockwood all make the list. 

Vans Park Series Huntington Beach

Dennis Regan

Lifeblood Skateboards PRO team riders; Kevin Kowalski and Cody Lockwood, joined AM team riders Adam Hopkins, and Dalton Dern to compete in the Vans Park Series stop at Huntington Beach. The action was hot and the skateboarding was incredible. Check out the recap from Thrasher. 

Congratulation to Chris Russel for 'Muscling' his way to victory!