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Brendon Villanueva in HALP

Dennis Regan

San Fransisco's Brendon Villanueva is a wild rider. Check him and many of the SF crew in Game Depina's new video HALP. This Vagrant Skates team rider gets his out in the street.

Transworld Skateboarding put the video up on their site and youtube channel. 

They hit the hills right away. Kickflips into steep hills, bump to boxes, and much more. Cruise around SF with the crew and get HALP. 

Out of San Franciso, California, this crew is cruisin' for the good times and the love of skateboarding. With the HALP of each other along the way. A video by Gabe Depina.

Vagrant Skateboards are distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution. 

Vagrant Skateboards in Boise, Idaho

Dennis Regan

Transworld Skateboarding put Collin Schwartz in the car with the Vagrant Skateboards team as they headed from SF to Boise. 

Elijah Akerley, Brendan Villenueva, Archer Braun, and photographer Tadashi Yamaoda joined Collin on the road.

The Boise Skate Association and Bryce Kanights asked the Vagrant Skateboards team and the Blood Wizard team to come and put on a demo. The people of Idaho might not be the same after this one. 

Click the picture below to check out all of the amazing skateboard photos from lensman Tadashi Yamaoda. 

Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Vagrant Skateboards

Fabiana Delfino Joins Nora And Friends

Dennis Regan

Transworld Skateboarding's skatepark hosted a session for some ladies before the Exposure contest. 

The Exposure contest is an all women event that celebrates female skateboarding. Skaters come from all over the world. 

Watch as Speedlab Wheels team rider Fabiana Delfino gets in on the session. Great skating and a mellow vibe make it a much watch. 

Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale distributor for Speedlab Wheels. 

Cardboard Mansion Parts Are Dropping

Dennis Regan

Vagrant Skateboards second full length video 'Cardboard Mansion' will be released later this year. 

There are a few parts being released early online. Elijah Akerley released his part on Transworld Skateboarding's website. Sick skateboarding and that ender!

Zane Simpson and Brendon Villeneuva share a part on Thrasher Magazine. Both of these guys are amazing to watch. Together it is a must watch. 

Jojo Heffington released his part online and is feature on Transworld Skateboarding.

Vagrant Skateboards are distributed to Canadian Skateshops through Platform Distribution.

Zane Timpson's Part From Mohkie

Dennis Regan

Transworld Skateboarding has put up Zane Timpson's part from the Mohkie video. 

Great skateboarding with a great edit. 

Watch Zane skate all around SF. Hitting the backyard ramps, pools, and streets. Jumping in to freeways and riding on glass walls, this part has it all. Including a killer sound track. 

Get ready for 'serious' business with Zane Timpson.

To see the entire video click the picture down below. 

Zane Simpson rides for Vagrant Skateboards.

The team is finishing up their 'Cardboard Mansion' and it will be releasing soon.

If you liked this video, you are going to love Cardboard Mansion.