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Skate In A Waterpark? With Permission?

Dennis Regan

Chris Gregson leads the charge to skate every skateboarders dream spot; a waterpark.

After barging the spot off season, a few years ago, cops were called, friends were made, and now it has happened.

With full permission, the crew hits up a water park in Florida to skate what we have all dreamed of riding. Anyone who has slid down a slide had dreamed of rolling down it dry.

Bear witness as Tony Hawk, Jon Dickson, Collin Provost, Chris Gregson, Kevin Kowalski, Tristan Rennie, Torey Pudwill, Daewon Song, Tom Remillard, Omar Hassan, Karl Berlund, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, Pedro Delfino, Lizzie Armonio, Riley Hawk, and Clay Kriener.

Dreams do come true. Read Thrasher.

Keys to a drained water park and free rein to skate everything in sight?! Yes please! There are a lot of Epic Spots out there but this is truly Insane Terrain. And apparently upside-down ollies are a thing now...

Tristan Rennie, Kevin Kowalski, and Chris Gregson ride for Blood Wizard Skateboards, distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution.

Chris Livingston Parched and Pitted

Dennis Regan

First Vagrant Skateboards pro rider Chris Livingston has released a serious video on Thrasher Magazine

He and fellow Vagrant Skateboards riders Jojo Heffington, Elijah Akerley, Ryan Hill, and Send Help Skateboards pro Justin Modica  all get in on the sessions.

Beers and Brooms are all part of getting down in the backyard.

Chris sat down with Wez Lundry of Thrasher for a quick update on what he has been doing.

He talks about his history in skateboarding, the ups and downs of skateboard injuries, and finding a new crew that wants to go skate.

Livingston Fine Bourbon model from Vagrant Skateboards are in stock and available for order.

Ask for it at your local skateshop or hit up the dealer log in to place an order.

Vagrant Skateboards are distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution.

Preston Harper's Comb Up On Thrasher

Dennis Regan

SendxHelp Skateboards' team pro Preston Harper has his latest Comb video part up on Thrasher magazine

Preston has been cruising the underground looking for the new, the crusty, and the unusual. Based in St. Louis, his part stands out amongst the crowd of videos coming out.

He takes a creative and powerful approach to skateboarding. Manuals, curved ledges, and much more make this video a must watch. 

SendxHelp Skateboards are distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution. 


Zane Timpson Rough Cut on Thrasher Magazine

Dennis Regan

Thrasher Magazine has put up the Rough Cut of his Cardboard Mansion part for Vagrant Skateboards

This is worth the watch. Most Rough Cuts only extend the part with some before and after each trick. In this cut we hear what Zane, and the Vagrant Skates crew are going through to get the clips.

Best quote, "I love you guys!", Zane said, just before jumping off a roof and into a bank. 

Watch the vid below for the full experience filming a modern day video part. 

Zane Timpson's bag of tricks is so wonderfully weird. Check this Rough Cut of his Cardboard Mansion Vagrant part and scope the wrecks on the way to the wins. No comply hurricane a rail? Yeah... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

Platform Distribution is the Canadian Wholesale Skateboard Distributor for Vagrant Skateboards.

Cardboard Mansion Parts Are Dropping

Dennis Regan

Vagrant Skateboards second full length video 'Cardboard Mansion' will be released later this year. 

There are a few parts being released early online. Elijah Akerley released his part on Transworld Skateboarding's website. Sick skateboarding and that ender!

Zane Simpson and Brendon Villeneuva share a part on Thrasher Magazine. Both of these guys are amazing to watch. Together it is a must watch. 

Jojo Heffington released his part online and is feature on Transworld Skateboarding.

Vagrant Skateboards are distributed to Canadian Skateshops through Platform Distribution.

Thrasher Magazine's Double Rock Park

Dennis Regan

Get hit with some heavy hammers by Mason Merlino, Kevin Kowalski, Jerry Gurney, and Ben Raybourn. 

They all 'get some' at the Double Rock Skatepark but Ben Raybourn shuts it down with a sick trick at the end.

Watch as Lifeblood Skateboards and Plague Hardware riders skateboard in San Fransisco.  

Kowalski, Merlino, Gurney, and Raybourn wreak havoc on The Rock's vertical situations. Just wait 'til you see Ben's ender. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

Lifeblood Skateboards and Plague Hardware are both distributed in Canada by Platform Distribution. Ask your local shop to order from their sales rep to 'get some' in your skate shop today!