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Part 2 of The Occult From Blood Wizard Released

Dennis Regan

Blood Wizard has released part 2 of The Occult, their latest skateboard video on Thrasher Magazine.

This part follows up on the first with Shea Cooper, Riley Wiley and Conner Norris raising the bar of what an AM skater should be doing.

Tearing up the streets, ditches and always looking for a good time, they go off! Ditch drops, heavy slams and steady makes, are what is in store for you.

Sit back and enjoy, then get out there!

Take a trip to the dark side with the Wizard cult, where skateboarding and rock-n-roll override your brainwaves and ransack your spirit. Hell yeah!

Blood Wizard is distributed to Canadian Skateboard shops by Platform Distribution.


The Occult On Thrasher Magazine

Dennis Regan

Blood Wizard has released their latest skateboard video ‘The Occult’ for free on Thrasher Magazine.

The first part released features Chris Gregson and Anakin Senn. Gregson searches out the unskated spots in the Southwest. Anakin lights up the parks and streets with a unique style.

Don’t keep reading. Start Watching.

A journey to the dark side, starring Chris Gregson and his wizard compadres, with a heavy ender from the Senn bloodline. Hell yes...

Chris Gregson’s pro model on Blood Wizard is available on the B2B site.

Ask for Blood Wizard at your local skate shop.

Platform Distribution is the Canadian Distributor for Blood Wizard Skateboards.


Dennis Regan

James Morley has created a new video featuring most of the Sk8 Skates crew. Over the last few months he traveled to Winnipeg to skate and film with the crew from Winnipeg.

Vagrant Skateboards flow rider Julian Kelly has a great part in this video.

Watch and enjoy.

Filmed and Edited by James Morley Featuring (in order of appearance): Keiran Zimmerman Fane Smeall Jared Arnason Brock Gruhn Cain Lambert Colin Lambert Josh Thorvaldson Julian Kelly Jaret Anderson Additional Filming: Colin Lambert Brayden Slezak Keiran Zimmerman

Vagrant Skateboards are distributed in Canada through Platform Distribution.

Rough Cuts Are Up!

Dennis Regan

Vagrant Skateboards' new video Cardboard Mansion is coming soon to Platform Distribution. While we wait, Thrasher Magazine has put up Rough Cuts of Brendan Villanueva and Zane Timpson. 

Get in the Van and go skate with the Vagrant Skateboards' crew. 

Zane Timpson's bag of tricks is so wonderfully weird. Check this Rough Cut of his Cardboard Mansion Vagrant part and scope the wrecks on the way to the wins. No comply hurricane a rail? Yeah... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:
When in doubt, take two more pushes. Brendon Villanueva's Cardboard Mansion Rough Cut is a full-speed brutal battle, filled with bone-crunching slams on the way to the finish line. How many people can say they ollied a boat? Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

Cardboard Mansion will be arriving soon to the Platform Distribution B2B site. Email your sales rep for access.

The Originals Take A Look At Skate Balm

Dennis Regan

Earl Dorn created Skate Balm a few years ago. This young entrepreneur saw a need for a skateboard wax that you would keep with you all the time.

Skate Balm. Skateboard Wax in a tube. 

  1. Pop the top.

  2. Twist the bottom.

  3. Wax it.

  4. Skate it.


The Originals take a few minutes to talk to Earl about the inspiration for his design.

Originals is a series about different kinds of Artist. Earl Dorn started a skate brand called Skate Balm. Watch to see how this unique skate was started.
Skate Balm LogoMaintaint.jpg

Platform Distribution is the wholesale Canadian distributor for Skate Balm Skate Wax.

Bacon Skateboards get Totally Harsh!

Dennis Regan

The new full length video from Bacon Skateboards Totally Harsh (On Your Mellow Chortle Scene) is dropping part by part on Transworld Skateboarding.

First Up is Brian Hamm. 

Second Part is Adam Ottenberg and Dalton Beeson. These guys travel from SoCal to The Pacific Northwest.

From the hills of SF, to the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, Scottie England put together a great part for Bacon Skateboards.

Zach Cusano hits all the pools, all the parks, and at FDR, he puts an end to the Totally Harsh video from Bacon Skateboards. 

Bacon Skateboards are distributed to Skateshops across Canada by Platform Distribution.